BIPP: Easier compliance with public procurement obligations
BIPP: Your complete personalized and online Catalogue Library
BIPP:  Life Science specific  supply management & workflow
BIPP: Europe's leading marketplace for e-Sourcing within Life Sciences and Chemistry
BIPP: Assuring central control on decentralized purchasing
BIPP: Integrated pro-active prevention of incoming risks through the purchasing process
BIPP: > 25.000 users over > 500 lab-entities
BIPP: Multi-entity  supply management & contract compliance
BIPP: Continued supplier integration, even after a supplier switch
BIPP: > 20 million supplier managed & buyer validated articles & prices
BIPP: Life Science specific legal compliance with EU directives
BIPP: Buyer driven  multi-catalogue marketplace
BIPP:  Multi-catalogue  searching


Our partnerships play a critical role in our ability to help organizations of all sizes to raise new memberships and implement BIPP. Become a partner today!

Add BIPP to your portfolio of customer solution offerings. You will get the leading browser-based marketplace for e-Sourcing and e-Procurement (requisitioning, invoicing, reporting, safety & tender follow-up and advanced workflow) solution for purchasing within (but not restricted to) the Life Sciences.  With over 20,000 users and millions of catalogue items client-specifically managed by the suppliers, customers as well as suppliers and partners enjoy the benefits of our proven solution.

The implementation of BIPP is a matter of weeks instead of months. We leverage our previous implementation experiences to ensure successful new implementations time after time. Our partners can become BIPP certified on our proven implementation methodology, which also contributes to the success of every implementation.

Our Partner Training is conducted in a workshop format to facilitate a complete knowledge of BIPP.  The training cost also includes support during the first BIPP customer implementation. The typical profile of our successful partners is that of a reseller organization or consulting firm who currently implements mid-market ERP systems.  Up-to-date references and a good credit history are appreciated.

Find out more and contact us to receive our partner program documentation.