BIPP:  Life Science specific  supply management & workflow
BIPP: > 20 million supplier managed & buyer validated articles & prices
BIPP: Europe's leading marketplace for e-Sourcing within Life Sciences and Chemistry
BIPP:  Multi-catalogue  searching
BIPP: Multi-entity  supply management & contract compliance
BIPP: Assuring central control on decentralized purchasing
BIPP: > 25.000 users over > 500 lab-entities
BIPP: Buyer driven  multi-catalogue marketplace
BIPP: Life Science specific legal compliance with EU directives
BIPP: Continued supplier integration, even after a supplier switch
BIPP: Easier compliance with public procurement obligations
BIPP: Integrated pro-active prevention of incoming risks through the purchasing process
BIPP: Your complete personalized and online Catalogue Library

Bidirectional e-HUB in realtime for e-Documents & management data

The BIP platform acts as a bidirectional e-HUB between the actors of the marketplace.

BIPP functions as an “e-HUB” between the various parties involved in the entire purchasing procedure: the supplier catalogues, the ERP and accounting software, LIMS and the software programmes in support of the prevention and environment department.
Information can be captured, processed and bidirectionally forwarded in “real time” between the various systems.

Through links with the user's ERP system, the BIP platform can therefore seamlessly integrate with the participant‘s existing workflow, independently of the ERP system already in use. The various systems interact in real time through web services by exchanging XML messages.
The BIP platform uses open standards.

For the end users of the platform, specific web services have been developed for Business-to-Business communication between the platform and the participant's and/or suppliers' software.

e-Catalogue integration can be set up with invited supplier catalogues and e-Documents (e-Orders, e-Confirmation and e-Invoices) can be exchanged in real time between the systems of the participants (suppliers and clients).

All information and data processed through the BIPP system can be transferred from several anchor points to the participant's own ERP system (Navision, SAP, Oracle, ...) and/or internal accounting system or other management software.
Interactive communication is bidirectional and in real time.

Article characteristics are exchanged between supplier and client systems to support the needs of all stakeholders of the purchasing process (requisitioners, budget owners, purchasers, finance managers, SHE managers, prevention advisers, warehouse & transport managers, inventory managers,...).