BIPP:  Life Science specific  supply management & workflow
BIPP: Integrated pro-active prevention of incoming risks through the purchasing process
BIPP: > 25.000 users over > 500 lab-entities
BIPP: Assuring central control on decentralized purchasing
BIPP: > 20 million supplier managed & buyer validated articles & prices
BIPP: Europe's leading marketplace for e-Sourcing within Life Sciences and Chemistry
BIPP: Buyer driven  multi-catalogue marketplace
BIPP: Easier compliance with public procurement obligations
BIPP: Life Science specific legal compliance with EU directives
BIPP: Multi-entity  supply management & contract compliance
BIPP: Continued supplier integration, even after a supplier switch
BIPP:  Multi-catalogue  searching
BIPP: Your complete personalized and online Catalogue Library

Life Sciences dedicated paperless workflow from Purchase to Pay

The complete order flow (from the initial search, over the confirmation of the arrival of the ordered product, to the electronic receiving & recording of the corresponding invoice) can be processed through the e-Procurement system.

Each employee of the participating group can search items and send out requisitions. However, a strong workflow, involving all stakeholders in the purchasing process, allows you to keep control, even in a Life Sciences environment with a high fluctuation of employees and with decentralized purchasing. 
The order can only be transferred to the supplier after an electronic approval by (an) indicated  responsible person(s) (project leader, head of department, purchasing manager, financial director, etc.).
Additional authorisations can be made dependent on certain budget criteria.

Each time a product for which a special license is required needs to be ordered, the relevant safety officer will be notified automatically in order to take proper action.

The system allows the allocation of each ordered item or service to a specific cost centre, thereby enabling direct budget checks, budget reservations & detailed budget reporting.

Orders can be sent to the supplier by fax, by e-mail or electronically, taking into account whether VAT is exempt or not.

Upon arrival, a product can be registered and assigned to the correct physical location so that everybody knows where to find it and that legally compliant storage can be guaranteed.  Additional approvals can be asked for automatically through the notification of the relevant manager (e.g. prevention, IQC, …)

Finally, the invoice can be received and matched and eventually e-Invoices can be sent automatically to the accounting system when integrated.

Overarching management & dashboard: each purchasing group within the enterprise can be provided with his own multi-step centrally manageable workflow.

This feature enables you to monitor the budget spent (supplier by supplier) conform with government procurement and tender legislation, supported by alarm levels.

Extended exportable order history reports are easily generated and available ad hoc to allow all stakeholders and the central management to easily keep control on the local and overall spend per project, per budget, per department, per client served, per supplier, per ledger account, per grant,…

Every user can manage his own profile (language, desired email notifications, …).