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BIPP: Assuring central control on decentralized purchasing
BIPP: > 20 million supplier managed & buyer validated articles & prices
BIPP: Your complete personalized and online Catalogue Library
BIPP: Life Science specific legal compliance with EU directives
BIPP: > 25.000 users over > 500 lab-entities
BIPP: Easier compliance with public procurement obligations
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BIPP: Integrated pro-active prevention of incoming risks through the purchasing process
BIPP: Multi-entity  supply management & contract compliance
BIPP: Continued supplier integration, even after a supplier switch
BIPP: Buyer driven  multi-catalogue marketplace

8, 9 & 11/6/2015 : BIPP invited by Sigma to accompany Sigma on its Roadshow in Gent, Leuven Gosselies (Charleroi/Brussels)

Sigma invited BIPP to collaborate and accompany them on the roadshow Sigma organized at VIB and university of Gent (UGent), at VIB and university of Leuven (KU Leuven) and in the BioPark of
Gosselies where part of the university of Brussels (ULB) and its spin-offs are situated.
During the networking moments, in between the workshops organized by Sigma, BIPP interacted with the visiting researchers, answering their questions and giving live demo’s of the e-Sourcing & e-Procrement solutions of the BIPP marketplace. The event was an opportunity for both parties, though acting independently of each other, to be present, and to answer all queries, questions & attract new members.
Sigma is one of the most important partner-suppliers who signed a collaboration agreement with the BIP Platform in order to serve their clients more easily within the ordering process through the maintenance of more than 8 millions of articles in total.
Though independent of the suppliers present, and buyer-driven, the BIP Platform aims to support both the needs of the members-buyers as of the suppliers invited by these members, creating a large collaborating network and providing all parties with the necessary functionalities to keep control in the most easy and efficient way.
With its more than 20.000 users and more than 8 million supplier managed & validated items and services available online, BIPP provides the biggest European marketplace supporting the total of Life
Sciences’ specific needs within the purchasing process.